Sick of Emotional Hangovers?

Life in early recovery can be more intense than we ever imagined. We may know that facing uncomfortable feelings is what we need  to do but are unsure how in practice. 

Tired of waking up with an emotional hangover?


Tap into new found strengths and ways to cope


Learn to drop patterns that no longer serve you


Uncover some of your biggest recovery hurdles

"Serenity Is In Reach"

Put this tool kit to work for you before your head hits the pillow tonight!

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Courage Recovery provides addiction recovery digital courses for:


Recovering adults in their first 5 years who seek mind, body and spirit wellness and a life without mind-altering substances

Those who think they missed part of their recovery foundation and that life is unmanageable as a result

Coming Soon

"Foundation" Course

Each day we can wake up in faith or in fear. We can accept the emotional pains and stresses of today or seek skills and build confidence to reach for something better. I used to think that #RecoveryWarrior was a bit of a dramatic term for someone to call themselves but now I’m beginning to like it a lot! Why? Because recovery is not some casual experience. Recovery takes hard work, action, consistency and strategy. Every battle won, no matter how small, is a triumph!

This course is not a magic pill but it is a solid foundation to establish awareness of how the disease effects your life and to guide you towards mastery of wellness strategies built upon your natural strengths and weaknesses.

If you are chronically relapsing, often emotionally overwhelmed, seem to sabotage yourself when life is just starting to get better or are amazed how others have managed to live life on life’s terms then stay tuned for this upcoming course by clicking the button for launch updates.

“Serenity is in reach!”

Roger L’Hereault


Roger has vision, is a visionary and is a natural teacher. He wants to share his knowledge to help people improve and soar.

Morgan Parker

Behavioral Health Facility Coordinator

Roger L’Hereault understands and gains trust through empathy, consistency and reliability. Roger has a gift that enables him to easily establish a sense of safety and hopefulness.

Susan O'Connor

Art Facilitator for Residential Drug and Alcohol Recovery Centers

I believe every addict and alcoholic is capable and worthy of recovery. #SerenityIsInReach for those willing to act and learn.
It’s my mission and passion to inspire people of this.

Roger L'Hereault


Stop the emotional rollercoaster

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