Courage Recovery

You’re not broken.


And, thankfully,
feelings aren’t facts.

Occasional setbacks and struggles are part of the recovery process but daily life shouldn’t be filled with misery and confusion.

So, if what you’re doing now isn’t working and you’re tired of suffering you don’t need to shame yourself into a corner. There are actions to take, right now, to shift your mindset enabling you to reach every milestone towards your potential.

Life-changing milestones go far beyond your clean and sober time. They exist under every challenge, every trigger. And each milestone reached makes you and your recovery more resilient.

How can we help?
First of all, we meet you where you are.
Whatever is working in your recovery you keep.
Whatever isn’t, we guide you towards letting go of then letting in recovery fundamentals that you make your own.

Roger L'Hereault

I’m Roger L’Hereault and have worked in addiction treatment for the last 18 years where I’ve experienced the mind-blowing range of emotions, chaos and wreckage that addiction brings. Every client that allowed me into their personal storm has been a teacher and through all this weather, patterns emerged.

I’ve made it my mission to structure these patterns into fundamental ideas to be shared and lived. There’s a solution to suffering and I sincerely want more people to role up their sleeves and take hold of it like their life depended on it. Because it does.

 Roger L’Hereault, CADC-II 
Founder/Addiction Recovery Educator



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Tap into new found strengths and ways to cope


Learn to drop patterns that no longer serve you


Uncover some of your biggest recovery hurdles

Serenity Is In Reach

I encourage you to put this tool kit to work for you before your head hits the pillow tonight!

It’s a small way I can offer guidance right now and it gets us connected so you can be the first to learn about my free and more comprehensive paid content down the road.

Your privacy and confidentiality are always respected here and your current recovery routine should not conflict with any content I provide. I’m here to build you up and guide you towards learning tools that bring relief, hope & clarity. 

Talk soon,  Roger L’Hereault


“Roger L’Hereault understands and gains trust through empathy, consistency and reliability. Roger has a gift that enables him to easily establish a sense of safety and hopefulness.”

Susan O'Connor

Art Facilitator for Residential Drug and Alcohol Recovery Centers

“Roger has vision, is a visionary and is a natural teacher. He wants to share his knowledge to help people improve and soar.”

Morgan Parker

Behavioral Health Operations Manager

Stop the emotional rollercoaster

Courage Recovery

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